My first first-author, peer-reviewed paper

Estimated Read Time: 2 min TL;DR My first first-author, peer-reviewed paper "The behavioural effect of electronic home energy reports: Evidence from a randomised field trial in the United States" was published in the Journal of Energy Policy with Dr. Paul Ferraro and Dr. Andreas Kontoleon. You can read it open-access here through August 2019. Otherwise, click here.   [...]

The Need for More Holistic Interventions and Long-Term Evaluations

Estimated Read Time: 4-5 min TL;DR The average woman today is more educated than ever before. However, even as the gender gap in educational attainment has fallen, there is no evidence, at a national level, that this education has turned into increased opportunities for women in the workforce, as measured by female labor force participation rate. [...]

My first Shiny app: an app for power analysis simulations using user-uploaded data

Estimated Read Time: 4 min TL;DR: I finally got around to making my first Shiny app! In this post, I'll (1) describe what Shiny is; (2) link some resources on power and the replication crisis; and (3) describe how to use my app. I've had "learn Shiny" on my to-do list for months, but it [...]

Communicating Climate Change with Compassion

Estimated Read Time: 4-5 min TL;DR How we communicate climate change matters a lot for unified climate action, and the track record hasn’t been great. Views on climate change (in the U.S.) have continued to diverge, and conversations around climate change have become increasingly argumentative. Based on a presentation by George Marshall, I advocate for [...]

Weekly & Quarterly Planning and Journaling with Evernote

TL;DR I've gone through dozens of methods of weekly planning, goal-setting, and journaling. In this post I talk about some of these methods and then share the newest way I've been planning and journalling using Evernote. My method incorporates goal-setting using an OKR (objective and key result) framework, organizing tasks based on importance and urgency, and [...]

Being Female in a Male-Dominated Area of Study

Estimated Read Time: 6-8 min TL;DR: I am a woman, and I study and conduct research at the intersection of several male-dominated fields: engineering, economics, and applied statistics. At times, people have suggested that my gender would interfere with my ability to succeed in these subjects. In this post, I: (1) address my personal experience with [...]

The impact of menstruation on girls’ education in lower-income countries

Estimated read time: ~8 minutes TL;DR   There is typically a social stigma around menstruation in patriarchal societies. In lower-income countries, insufficient water and sanitation infrastructure and lack of access to sanitary materials exacerbates the negative psychosocial effects of menstruation. Qualitative studies have shown menstruation negatively affects girls' education in lower-income countries. While some studies [...]

Pollinators are struggling, but policy is tricky.

Estimated read time: ~5 to 7 min TL;DR Bees and other pollinators are vital to keeping ecosystems and the economy running, but current regulations on neonic pesticides in the U.S. do not sufficiently protect pollinators. Although neonics are temporarily banned under FIFRA, neonic seed treatments (NSTs) are not included in this ban. NSTs should be banned [...]