Hey, y’all!

As my year at Cambridge comes to a close, I’ve become tremendously aware of how privileged I am to have attended such an incredible institution.

Naturally, my lectures, assignments, exams, and research have required I delve deeper into subjects than I ever have before. But even the casual conversations I’ve had with faculty and peers have continuously pushed me to explore new subjects, question my beliefs, and refine my ideas.

There is a level of intelligence and dedication at Cambridge that is hard to explain. Even after a couple of pints at the pub, I always seem to leave with new ideas and inspiration!

Recognising how much I’ve learned in just a year, I hope to use this blog to publicly document how my ideas develop. I also hope this blog will be a shared space for learning and dialogue on the subjects I post about, so please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message  if you have any comments or questions.




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