Hey there!

My name’s Marisa, but you’ve probably figured that out already.

I’m an interdisciplinary researcher and analyst with an interest in the design and evaluation of programs, policies, and technologies to improve societal well-being.

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The Need for More Holistic Interventions and Long-Term Evaluations

Estimated Read Time: 4-5 min TL;DR The average woman today is more educated than ever before. However, even as the gender gap in educational attainment has fallen, there is no evidence, at a national level, that this education has turned into increased opportunities for women in the workforce, as measured by female labor force participation rate. …

My first Shiny app: an app for power analysis simulations using user-uploaded data

Estimated Read Time: 4 min TL;DR: I finally got around to making my first Shiny app! In this post, I’ll (1) describe what Shiny is; (2) link some resources on power and the replication crisis; and (3) describe how to use my app. I’ve had “learn Shiny” on my to-do list for months, but it …


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