Hey there!

My name’s Marisa, but you’ve probably figured that out already.

I am an interdisciplinary researcher & analyst with experience in environmental engineering, applied statistics, and empirical behavioral sciences. 

My interest is primarily in the use of experimental and quasi-experimental methods for causal inference related to social and environmental outcomes.

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Communicating Climate Change with Compassion

Estimated Read Time: 4-5 min TL;DR How we communicate climate change matters a lot for unified climate action, and the track record hasn’t been great. Views on climate change (in the U.S.) have continued to diverge, and conversations around climate change have become increasingly argumentative. Based on a presentation by George Marshall, I advocate for …

Weekly & Quarterly Planning and Journaling with Evernote

TL;DR I’ve gone through dozens of methods of weekly planning, goal-setting, and journaling. In this post I talk about some of these methods and then share the newest way I’ve been planning and journalling using Evernote. My method incorporates goal-setting using an OKR (objective and key result) framework, organizing tasks based on importance and urgency, and …

Being Female in a Male-Dominated Area of Study

Estimated Read Time: 6-8 min TL;DR: I am a woman, and I study and conduct research at the intersection of several male-dominated fields: engineering, economics, and applied statistics. At times, people have suggested that my gender would interfere with my ability to succeed in these subjects. In this post, I: (1) address my personal experience with …


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